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Web Design


I created this site for the upcoming documentary in Squarespace.  See site at

Bella Golden

I created this site with the client in Wix which includes the logo and trained and managed her to update by herself. Empowering the client!


I was hired to work at NorthWest Hospital which was recently acquired by UW Medicine as a web consultant and created a 300 page site in Wordpress, this includes coding, design and UI/UX testing. 



I worked at this startup for a year helping them define their product.  It was bought and sold, so unfortunately the site no longer exists.

Highland Build

Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 1.35_edited.jpg

I created this site for a client in San Francisco in Wix. COMING SOON!

SF Artists Alumni (SFAA)

I conceptualized and created this website for my fellow Artists and Alumni.  I currently run the web and design team, we are a group of 5 dedicated volunteers that oversee the social media, design and newsletter.


I created this site from scratch for a local yoga studio in San Mateo which included the logo, branding and training in CMS system.


I worked as a Web Manager/ Developer for 7 years at Stanford University for the HR and Economic departments. Drupal Framework.

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